6 Tips for Using Personalisation to Improve Direct Mail Marketing

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6 Tips for Using Personalisation to Improve Direct Mail Marketing

Think about it: Are you more likely to open a piece of mail with the envelope addressed to “Current Resident”, or one that is specifically addressed to you?

More likely than not, you’re going to go with the one with your name on it, because it’s personally addressed.
Your clients would do the same thing.


What Is Personalisation?

Personalisation is a powerful marketing strategy, especially since it’s fairly easy to provide relevant material to a variety of clients, but many real estate agencies just aren’t doing it.

Personalisation involves collecting detailed client information in order to create content delivery framework that presents the information in a way that is relevant and helpful to the client.

With this tactic, the information becomes relevant to your client because you know them. This helps convey the right message, at the right time, to the right client. Over time, this type of curated experience becomes even more relevant and engaging – resulting in you closing the deal on that property.

Creating individually personalised pieces can make all the difference, and it’s easy to do.

In fact, research by InfoTrends reflects that personalization significantly improves campaign performance by an average of 50% for multimedia campaigns.

Use direct mailing in conjunction with your digital marketing campaigns, and you will undoubtedly see an increase in responses.

6 Ways to Use Personalisation in Direct Mail Marketing

Regardless of what your target client is like, there are several effective ways to personalise your direct mail marketing that won’t result in your packages ending up in the recycling bin.

  1. Use the client’s name: This is the easiest way to start personalizing your direct mail piece, but one of the most effective. Adding the recipient’s first name in the headline of a letter or postcard will grab their attention and compel them to keep reading. You can simply add it to the existing message you’ve been using, such as, “Derek, check out the new properties available in your area. They’re going quick!”
  2. Look at previous properties: If you know a prospective client tends to look for properties in a certain type of area (such as one with a reputable school and family parks nearby), use that information when you send out your mailers. For example, you could use images that correspond to the family lifestyle.
  3. Current Location: Point out that others in their neighborhood have used your agency, and your prospective client shouldn’t miss out on your services. Include a letter with information on the current prices of homes in their area, and mention you can help them find one that fits within their budget.
  4. Compel your reader: Listing your website address, phone number, and social media handles is certainly helpful – but it’s not enough. You need to ask your reader to take action. Do you list a number you want your clients to call? Ask them to make that phone call. Do you have a website you want them to visit? Do you want a mail response? Ask, suggest, and compel your audience to respond. Make the information easy to read, with bullet points that list the key information, and give them an incentive to get in contact with you – it could be entering a prize draw, or it could be receiving a simple piece such as a handy “tips and tricks guide to maximise the sale price of your home”….
  5. Include a personalised URL: Personalised URLs (PURLs) are very popular and extremely effective way to personalise your marketing. Make sure the client will receive valuable content by using the personalised URL. One such way of doing this is to offer a listing of properties that directly relate to the prospective client’s interests, past residential history, and overall demographic.\
  6. Tailor the communications: For example, if you know a certain client has children in their household, mail out pieces that focus on properties that would be great for families. Through the interrogation of the data that you have built up, both regarding sellers and buyers, you can match buyers directly to houses within your area, and make direct contact with the owners to discuss the interest in their property and whether they would like to sell – in other words, you can bring properties to market that might not have otherwise been a consideration!

The more relevant the direct mail piece is, the less likely it will be tossed into the junk mail bin. Why would you waste money sending direct mail to people who don’t want it, when you could be sending it to people who would actually use your services?

Using personalisation has proven to significantly boost responses, compared to generic direct mailing.

Putting It All Together

When real estate agencies focus on creating one-on-one engagement with their clients, and base the entire buying/selling experience on that engagement, the results are much higher. When a client knows the content they receive will be fresh, relevant, and helpful, they will look forward to the next communication. It will be this communication that will play a salient role in their final decisions.

Incorporating these methods for direct mail personalisation will help ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Make sure you’re leveraging the most effective practices that increase response and compel prospective clients to take action.

At Rogue Print and Mail, we have invested in incredible software that allows us to run highly personalised cross media marketing campaigns which enable you to achieve all the things I have talked about above, and so much more. Fully integrated campaigns that allow you to gather more and better data regarding your potential clients, and in turn, then allows you to market in a more targeted manner than ever before.

For advice on effective cross media marketing, and to see how easily your cross media marketing can be managed, email me directly on paul.stenhouse@rogueprintandmail.com.au or call 1300 65 85 00 to arrange an obligation free 10 minute discussion with one of my expert team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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