Notepad Printing

Competition Entry Pads / Entry Pads / Information Pads are a relatively low cost item that almost everyone takes away from any event or meeting. Who doesn't want a notepad for their desk?! So it may as well have your message!

Standard paper stock for notepads are 80gsm bond stock.

Notepads are finished with a recycled card base and padded head. 

Standard notepad sizes include the following, but we can print almost any kind of style you need!

  • A5
  • A4
  • A7
  • DL 

Standard notepads have 50 leaves (pieces of paper) per pad. 

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Conference coming up?  Major company meeting?  Perhaps you have a large sales team that meets regularly with potential clients?  Or you might need a cost effective “give away” for the exhibition you are attending, that will resonate with the recipient and ensure your brand is front of mind ongoing?

Notepad Printing - Competition Entry Pads / Entry Pads / Information Pads are an ideal tool to ensure that your brand is remembered, past the day of meeting.

Think back over the years – have you ever attended a conference or a training seminar where the hosting venue didn’t provide you with a branded notepad?  If you have, then we bet that venue was not one of the better ones you have attended!  And we are also willing to wager that you don’t remember the name of that venue right?

A company branded notepad is a relatively low cost item that most everyone takes away from any event or meeting where they receive one, for later use.  They are also great as a “bag stuffer” when you are attending an exhibition and want to hand out goodies!

They sit on the recipient’s desk throughout their life, and are a constant reminder to that person of your brand.

And when people are ready to make a purchasing decision, the brands that are front of mind to them, usually get their business.

So help your business stay front of mind, and get in touch with us at Rogue to see how we can develop an amazing branded notepad for you!

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