Custom Printed Lanyards

Most people will throw out the run-of-the-mill lanyards with no logos or custom print.
So why not make your lanyards so compelling and eye catching that people want your little piece of branded history forever?

Lanyards are one of the only branded touchpoints that each delegate at your event, conference or office wears.

Generally speaking, all events will have requirements for delegates to wear lanyards for security or general participant identification purposes, and organisations may do the same for their offices, so we see this as an excellent branding opportunity not to waste.

Our custom printed lanyards are truly that – entirely customisable where you can choose the width and length of the fabric that goes around the neck of the wearer, and the design can be printed both front and back, can be anything you want.

We can even do any kind of clip attachment you need.


Why stop at lanyards - you need an awesome lanyard card to complete the look! 

We can produce lanyard cards as durable waterproof synthetic stock, plastic, or paper card stock with cello, with lanyard hole punch and rounded corners as well!

In the lanyard pictures on this page, the DFA Conference cards are 120mm H x 80mm W, and printed 2 sides on Digituff synthetic pro with a lanyard hole punch at top.

The England Commonwealth Games card is a plastic 90mmW x 55mm H with silver foil one side and lanyard hole punch at top.

We can custom produce these any size you need.


What are custom lanyards made of?

These full print lanyards are made from polyester fabric that is very lightweight, with outstanding print resolution quality and super comfortable to wear.


How quickly can you produce the lanyards?

General turnaround time is 10-20 business days from print ready artwork, depending on qty and other factors at time of order.