Exhibition Displays

We specialise in both custom and portable exhibition builds to transform your designated trade show space.

When it comes to your brand being on display, looks matter. In fact, looks are the only thing that matters.

Think about it.

Your customer/potential customer is attending a conference you are exhibiting at. The only time that customer may have to interact with you, is during designated meal breaks.

You have seconds to attract their attention as they make their way into the trade hall toward the food stations.

They glance around...

What attracts their attention while they wait in the line? What product/service are they likely to check out once they have some food in their belly?

Will it be the booths that have a confusing collection of busy, poorly printed posters and gimmicky stuff all packed in so much that it’s hard to decipher exactly what the company does?

Or those that are clean, modern, and with have a clear message and call to action?

Sure, your business can continue to look like it has for dozens of exhibitions prior and not maximise the potential benefit that could be gained from the thousands it cost you just to be in your trade space.

Or you can talk to us about investing in a professional, cost effective exhibition display that will really do your brand justice.

If you are after something re-useable, professional and eye catching, but have a limited budget, we have a solution for you. Or, if you are after something more custom for a specific type of trade show – we can help with that as well.

And of course, if you don’t have access to talented designers….you guessed it. We do that too!

Check out the possibilities in the gallery on this page, and click ‘get a quote’ or enter your details to view pricing for standard exhibition builds.

Exhibitions with Excellence and Titillating Trade Shows

Sep 16, 2019
Trade Show Exhibition and Wall Solutions for DFA Conference 2019

We’re excited to share our recent work at the Diabetic Foot Australia Conference 2019 (September 8-10 2019) as the Exhibition Partner. Our portable and lightweight tension fabric walls were the ideal fit for the conference trade show. These high quality displays provided an exhibition wall solution that exhibitors could take home and use again and…

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