Fencing Mesh

Want to promote your business in a BIG way?
With the right artwork, you can convert a regular fence into a marketing billboard and boost your brand awareness massively!

Some of our previous work:

Durable shade cloth / fencing mesh material.

All fencing mesh is hemmed with eyelets every 500mm. 

Print to any length you like so long as the height is 1600mm.

Developments, events, construction sites, tennis courts, and even free standing installations – all of these are opportunities to engage the public’s eye and bring their attention exactly where you want it – on your business!

We offer an extensive range of options to get you noticed.. banner mesh is a durable, stand-out option for various installations.

Large and in charge – your message won’t get missed, nor will your branding.

Turn that work site cyclone wire fence you drive past every day on that main road (with the other thousands of people commuting to and from work) into your own billboard and turn heads on the morning drive.

Fencing mesh is one of the most visually effective ways to increase brand recognition and/or get your message across to a larger audience.

Set and forget - with style!

How much you ask? Just click the button below to get general fencing mesh pricing, or contact our team on 1300 65 85 00. We’ll help you with everything you need to know about pricing, size and installation. Try us!