Custom Stubby Coolers

We live in the best country in the world! Where having enjoying a drink with mates on the deck is an important part of our culture. So why not get your brand out there with custom stubby coolers sprouting your logo.

Standard stubby coolers are made from quality waterproof neoprene material. They stand 110mm high and hold a standard sized beer stubby or aluminum can.

It is best to print a logo or design that has clear text and line work. Fine lines or text do not print well on fabric so we recommend having a nice bold font for your design.


Lets face it.  As proud Aussies, we all love a good drinking session!

Whether it be Friday afternoon drinks after work or a weekend session over the footy with mates, Aussies don't need an excuse to get together.

So why not take the opportunity to get your brand out to the greater population whilst keeping your cool and raising your drink in style?

Let's be serious, no one likes a warm beer or a hot cider. Drinks have to be cold and not just when they come out of the fridge but until the drink is finished! And to be honest, cold is hard to come by when you live on one of the hottest continents in the world.

Like branded coasters, branded stubby coolers are a great way to get your business brand in front of potential customers. They are attention grabbing and effective for printing an eye-catching design, brand message or logo.

A custom stubby cooler is as good as a business card. It keeps your brand front of mind for clients and showcases your business without even having to say a word.

They also make great client gifts as a thank you for their business. Throw in a specialty beer or two and we can guarantee that you will make an impression with your unique gift idea.

So get your branding out there and seen by as many people as you can.

You never know what great business ideas come from sharing a drink with friends!