Sustainable Printing Practices

At Rogue, we are very conscious of our environmental responsibilities as a printer, and want to take a few moments of your time to let you know why printing with us will minimise environmental impact.


With the massive amount of attention on the environment, it would be easy for most people to point the finger at printing companies.

And for that matter, those who print anything in general, and claim that we are responsible for the mass destruction of the forests for our paper needs, and the maintenance of our presses creates hazardous waste that kills marine life.

To set the record straight from the start, no, we don’t have an ISO 14001 accreditation.  We are a medium sized business, and rather than paying someone an annual fee to assess what we are already doing well, we would rather save that money and pass on the savings to our wonderful clients.

However, below is a snap-shot of what we do to take care of the environment.

The below is merely a snapshot of how the team at Rogue Print and Mail are working to reduce the impact of printing on the environment.

So with the knowledge that printing isn’t going to lead to a negative outcome for the environment when correctly managed by a responsible company such as Rogue, we invite you to talk to us about how we can help you reduce your carbon foot print through environmentally responsible printing.

Production Equipment

We operate Konica Minolta c6100 and MGI Meteor production presses featuring:

    • Low Melt EA {Emulsion Aggregate} Dry Inks which are non toxic and have closed containers which deliver a transfer rate in excess of 90%, meaning less waste dry toner.  These toners also fuse to the print sheets at significantly lower temperatures, reducing power consumption through reduced heating requirements in the print engine. For more about EA Toner, what it is, and its benefits, click here.
    • Consumables within these presses have been designed to be recycled or remanufactured meaning zero waste to landfill
    • Prints produced on these presses offer excellent “deinkability” and are therefore, easily recyclable
    • These presses do not use or generate any alcohols, solvents, acids or flammable materials.
    • No water or wash-down of any description required.

Recycling of materials

We recycle all spoilage or waste paper stock and off-cuts using Shred-X Paper Recycling.

Our empty toner cartridges are returned for remanufacturing decreasing landfill.

We use only boxes made from recycled materials for shipping of finished printed items

Paper Stocks

We use strictly FSC Certified or Recycled paper stocks {or stocks that are a mixture of these two}

FSC {Forestry Stewardship Council} certified paper is typically composed of virgin tree fibres sourced from managed forests – that is, forests that are replanted time and again for use of growing wood pulp. For more about FSC Certified Paper and what it is, see this article by Stephanie Rogers

Power consumption

All our production engines go into “rapid sleep” mode when not in use – that is, they power down to an idle state when not producing prints during business hours to reduce power consumption.

Outside business hours, all machines in our offices including all computers are shut down to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible.