5 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets for Effective Marketing on a Tight Budget

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Even with the massive switch to email marketing campaigns, direct mail remains the most effective form of real estate marketing.

It’s the ideal solution for lead generation and nurturing, personalisation, and creativity. With direct mail marketing, it’s possible to run everything from simple sales letters to more creative pieces that really get the reader’s attention. Each piece looks unique, and is more likely to be opened than an email.

While direct mail marketing is incredibly effective, it can also be quite pricey compared to email or letterbox drop marketing.

Real estate agents and their companies must take into account:

  • Their targeted list,
  • the graphic design that goes into it,
  • the paper and supplies being used,
  • the printing and production,
  • the mailing process, and
  • the postage.

It all starts to really add up, and cost quite a bit from start to finish.

How do you create powerful direct mail marketing campaigns on a tight budget? There are five secrets marketers don’t want you to know, and they will all help improve your return on investment (ROI).

Secret # 1: Be Innovative and Visual
It’s important to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t, so incorporating bold statements and bright colours can be highly effective. At the same time, you want to avoid insulting the intelligence of your leads by including big statements like, “MONEY BACK GUARANTEED,” or other such phrases. Yes, they are eye-catching. However, they also make your entire mailer look like a scam or piece of junk mail.

Junk mail goes in the bin, which means you just lost money on that mailer.

If you are able to work with a graphic designer, freelance designer, or other artistically-inclined internal employee, you will able to save money. Graphic designers will know how to design your piece for maximum response, and can tell you how your idea should look in order to be most effectively executed. Since your campaign will have a better success rate with professionally designed pieces, you would end up saving money.

Secret # 2: Your Readers Don’t Know Everything
When designing and mailing your campaigns, you want to ensure each piece is personalised. Use the data you have been collecting on your leads, and use that to design each piece of direct mail that is sent out.

Since the design will be based off their own information, it will be relevant to them. The more relevant something is, the more likely your leads will be to engage with it. Even then, your readers don’t know everything. Your mailer should be compelling enough for them to want more information – the sort of information ONLY YOU can provide.

You know which houses are hot right now, and which properties would best suit your prospective client.

Prove that in the mailer, and then include updated contact information for yourself or your agency. Include a call-to-action along with that information, and you will have a higher success rate – which brings us to secret number three.

Secret # 3: Use Call-to-Actions Within Your Mailers
If you want your reader to do something, tell them exactly what you want them to do by including a “call-to-action.” They will read along, stay engaged, and then be compelled to take action. That is exactly what effective advertising is designed to do, and exactly what you want yours to be doing. The call to action can be anything from a special offer, to a prize, that encourages the reader to take the action you are requesting of them.

Secret # 4: Consider the Medium
You could have the best information in the world, and even have it paired with the most eye-catching headlines. None of that would matter, though, if your mailers are printed on inferior paper or by inexperienced printing companies.

It’s important to invest in a professional print and design companies to not only save you money, but in order to avoid stress and frustration later on in the future.

When it comes to printing companies, you will be able to send out thousands of flyers and letters for that new hot property, all without getting stressed out and falling behind.

Professional print and design firms have the equipment that allows them to print those larger jobs for clients, at extremely cost-effective rates. They will help you produce mailers that are marks above the rest. When it comes to lead generation and nurturing, this is essential.

Secret # 5: Personalise Each and Every Piece
Taking the time to personalise each piece – as suggested by Secret # 2 – can certainly be timing consuming. However, it’s the most effective way to stretch your direct mail marketing budget. Because the mail is going to be relevant to each specific reader, they are more likely to open it and follow your call-to-action. This will increase your return on investment.

When it really comes down to it, return on investment is far more important than cost. These secrets will all help you send out effective direct mail marketing campaigns on a budget, but will not cut down on your return on investment. To build it up, you need a great strategy, targeted lead list, and a compelling message.

Putting It All Together
By using direct mail advertising, real estate agencies are able to save money, track their results, and target their advertising campaigns. Incorporating direct mailing into your marketing strategy will help guarantee you improve your return on investment, and turn those leads into clients.

Further, as a printer with an understanding of the Australian postal systems, Rogue Print and Mail will be able to achieve significant savings of up to 40% on your postage costs – savings that can virtually off-set the cost of conducting the printing through us.

At Rogue Print and Mail, we have invested in incredible software that allows us to run highly personalised direct mail advertising campaigns on a budget. Fully integrated campaigns that allow you to gather more and better data regarding your potential clients, and in turn, then allows you to market in a more targeted manner than ever before.

We are a print, design, signage, and mail-house company with a combined team experience of over 40 years within the print industry. Pair this with state-of-the art print and finish equipment, and our passion for bringing you the most efficient and cost effective solutions available, and you have a print partnership you can count on!

Check out our online print ordering website, www.rogueprintandmail.com.au, for more information about our services. Give us a call on 1300 65 85 00 for a quote, or send us an email at quotes@rogueprintandmail.com.au.

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