HPV Signs & Symptoms Poster

HPV Signs & Symptoms poster for the HPV+ME Campaign. Printed full colour one side on premium matt paper stock 250GSM. Available in A4 (210x297mm) or A3 (297x420mm).

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About this poster:

HPV can only be detected from a cervical screening test, so if you don’t have a cervix you can’t actually be tested for HPV. As not everyone can be tested for HPV, it is important to look out for signs and symptoms.

This poster features an original illustration of a non-binary person from the back. Their leather jacket has various patches and pins to show what the signs and symptoms of HPV are.

This poster is ideal for use in waiting rooms, receptions, consulting rooms, community centres, and at LGBTIQ+ events to raise awareness of HPV.

The HPV and Me campaign was created by Wendybird with funding from Women’s Health Queensland.

The graphic design, illustration work and website was proudly produced by Rogue Create and Print and Rogue Web Design.


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