Corflute Signs & Cut Outs

We like BIG signs...and we cannot lie...
...BUT...smaller signs are great too! Luckily at Rogue, we can print all of them 🙂
How do I set up a corflute sign for print?

To set up a corflute sign or a sign that has a custom cut, we require artwork in the following format:

  1. PDF with artwork set to 100% of the actual file size (i.e. if your sign needs to be 1000mm - ensure your artwork is 1000mm)
  2. CMYK Colour mode with all fonts outlined and images embedded
  3. 3mm bleed and crop/trim marks
  4. High resolution images - if your images look pixelated on your screen - it will print that way 🙂 We recommend simply purchasing the highest size stock image. 300dpi is recommended. 

For custom cutting:

  1. The artwork should be on a separate layer to the cut line (or, knife line - the shape that is to be cut out). See image below for reference.
  2. Name the cut line layer 'Thru-Cut'
  3. Create the outline of the shape (i.e. using the pen tool or copying and pasting the shape, merging it using pathfinder tool in Illustrator) on the Thru-Cut layer. Ensure this is in the same place and size as the artwork. 
  4. Assign a SPOT colour (any spot colour is fine) to the stroke/outline and name the spot colour Thru-Cut. See image below for reference.
  5. Save as a Press Quality PDF (ensuring all steps above are followed - i.e. the artwork is CMYK, file is the correct size, etc)

Example Of How To Set Up A Corflute Sign For Print With Thru Cut On A Seperate Layer In Print File Pdf

For the best outcome, use professional design software or hire a designer to set the artwork up for you. 

We have free print templates (.indd and .pdf formats) available here. 

What size corflute signs can I print?

Maximum sheet size is 2400mm x 1200mm - you can print to any size and shape within this size.

What material are corflute signs made of?

Corflute, or corrugated plastic, is a material made of corrugated polypropylene. It is a light weight yet sturdy signage option ideal for outdoor usage. We print on UV rated inks (up to 3 yrs outdoors). Corflute can also be custom cut to most shapes and printed 1 or 2 sides. 

Some of our previous work

Big OR small signs printed on Corflute are an amazingly cost effective and versatile solution for a massive range of requirements.

From Media Walls, to Real Estate photo signs, to building site hazard signs, A-frame signs, redevelopment proposal signs, event notification signs, marketing signs, road closure signs and, God help us all – not again already – even election signs.

These things are waterproof, weather proof and durable - lasting up to 3 years outdoors.

They can be affixed to star pickets, fences, straight on to walls, or are light enough to hold in your hands and wave at passing traffic.

And the versatility doesn’t finish there – we can produce these signs at any size from A4 through to A0 and up to 1200 x 2400mm in one sheet. Or we can print across multiple sheets to make a massive wall for your event or function.

And it's not just signs we're seeing. We design and print a huge range of custom corflute cut-outs, ideal for weddings, events, conferences and more.

Check out some of our work in the gallery for inspiration for your next project!

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