Branded Promotional Drink Coasters

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Covid Drink Coasters Keep 1.5 M Away From Other Patrons Squared Edged Coaster

Covid Drink Coasters:  Keep 1.5 M Away From Other Patrons Squared Edged Coaster

It’s not just at the pub we need or see coasters.

Branded Promotional Drink Coasters are at your local coffee shop, any restaurant you go to, and they are also super useful in the office to stop that coffee stain from mysteriously appearing on your desk {through no fault of your own of course!}

Given these amazing uses, and the number of people that wander through the local coffee shop or restaurant, what better way to catch their attention and increase your brand presence in your local area, then through having company branded and printed coasters, in as many locations as you can.

They are like a business card, that someone else is handing out to everyone they see, on your behalf!

And there are not too many pubs, restaurants or coffee shops, that are going to knock you back, if you offer them free branded promotional printed drink coasters to use – it’s one less expense for them to have to consider.

Don’t forget to give a few handfuls out to your clients to use at their desks as a constant reminder of your brand – you should always be aiming to be front of mind!

So get your branding out there and seen by as many people as you can.

We have a range of pre-designed and ready to print drink coasters ideal for Covid safe venues right here. 

Our Covid-19 Social Distancing Drink Coaster packs allow your venue to display easy to read, eye-catching, affordable, branded material, that helps customers adhere to government safety guidelines.

  • Coasters are printed single sided on 355gsm stock
  • Designed to be single use only in accordance with government issued recommendations.
  • Turnaround time – 10 – 14 business days
  • Available in round or square shape
  • QTYS: 2000-20,000 or more!
  • If you’d like to supply your own design please contact us
  • Or, if artwork is to be completed by us, standard design rates apply

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