An Open Letter to our Clients & Friends

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We're Here To Listen

I understand that you are all hearing from dozens of companies every single day online, on the radio and on TV who are telling you that they care, or that they are “here to help”.

As someone who has personally lost their business and house previously through a series of unforeseeable events, I wanted to personally reach out to all of our clients and friends and let you all know that myself and my team at Rogue actually do care and we are really here to help.

So this is my open letter to our clients & friends.

It is through drawing on the knowledge I personally gained from losing so much several years ago, that I have taken the approach of trying to help others as much as possible during this time, using the assets and resources that we have available at Rogue to achieve some of that.

We have already printed and delivered the first 30 of the 100 free banners that you may have seen us advertising.

This idea came about as a result of me helping out my favourite local restaurant that the kids and I eat at all the time.

The smile on the faces of the owners and manager was enough to tell me that I needed to expand this offering.

So I contacted several of our suppliers with the idea and was extremely fortunate that Quadient elected to supply us with some free banner vinyl, and Fuji Xerox came on board to supply us with some free ink for our wide format printer, to assist in covering some of the costs in producing these banners.

To have helped to put a smile on at least 30 faces already is truly something special.

Just as importantly if not more so, I have spent countless hours over the last 4 weeks or so, just talking to clients and friends both on the phone and in person.

Some of these clients had lost their businesses due to Covid-19 restrictions directly or indirectly affecting them.

Many others were fearful of where things might end up, or indeed, how they would hold on.

And then there were those who were self isolating and were just happy to hear from someone.

The common message I relayed to all of those who I have spoken with, was that regardless of what happens with the economy and their jobs or businesses, it will be ok.

Their families and in particular, their children, will still love them.

No one will respect them any less if they lose their job or business, and particularly not in this current environment.

Most of all, that they should remember the simple things in life that make you smile that will come back when this is over, regardless of the financial situation that might exist.

There was a stage where I forgot so much of what I mention above.

To be honest, Rogue is doing it just as tough as most businesses out there at present. However, I am lucky because as I said, I have been down this lonely road of losing so much previously.

So please – if you need to talk and you don’t feel like you can talk to a mate or a family member, call me and lets talk.

I am here to listen.

Maybe, just maybe, we can bring a smile back to your face and create a new perspective.

You can reach me on my mobile at any time of the day on 0401 701 476.

Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my amazing team at Rogue.

Some tough decisions have had to be made over the last several weeks.

At every single turn, they have fully supported these tough decisions with a complete understanding of the situation.

A more caring and hard working group would be exceptionally difficult to find.

Thanks Chris, Kathy, Nicole, Fergus and Shelley for being a terrific team, and even better people.


Your partner in business through this difficult time,

Paul Stenhouse

General Manager, Rogue Print and Mail


To find out more about how we’re helping businesses through this time, click here to see our current offers.

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