Shelf Wobblers & Shelf Talkers in Canberra

Shelf wobblers (or shelf talkers) can be seen as mini rotating billboards that entice your Canberra customers to pick your product.

Custom shelf wobblers are inarguably the most effective and efficient Point-of-Purchase marketing (also known as POP marketing or marketing at retail) method there is.

Shelf wobblers (or shelf talkers) can be seen as rotating billboards that include information to entice your customers to pick your product. All you need to do is place these along product shelves and let them work their magic.

“Wobbling” around, these eye-catching printed cards can generate customer interest in your product and increase your sales. You can add any information on your custom shelf wobbler -- whether that be information related to your product or a QR code for discount.

Cost-effective and easy to install, custom shelf wobblers are one the best ways you can raise awareness for your products or ongoing promotions.

At Rogue, our in-house digital printing services can customize your shelf wobblers / shelf talkers in any shape, size, colour or material. So no matter what your Canberra business’s branding needs or specifications are, you will find the right custom shelf wobbler here.

To ensure maximum durability, our shelf wobblers are printed on high-quality Yupo FPU250 waterproof synthetic stock.

Need help with your design? Feel free to contact us for queries and suggestions at (1300)-658-500 and our amazing design team will be happy to assist you.