Media Walls

When standing behind your brand means you should stand in front of it! Media walls, with your design printed on fabric, are an affordable and high impact display for your brand.

Some of our previous work

  • Single or Double Sided print on stretch polyester fabric
  • All framework (curved aluminium walls and base)
  • Heavy Duty carry case

Available in two standard sizes:

  • 2440mm x 2280mm
  • 2950mm x 2280mm
  • custom sizes available

So your business has a big event coming up.  One where all its major clients will be there.  Or perhaps loads of potential new clients?  Maybe it is a function your company is hosting as a fundraiser for the local community or charity?

What better way for your brand to be remembered, and for your event to return some opportunity back to your business, then through investing in a prominent media wall to display {and be able to use for future functions as well}.

With the likes of Instagram and Facebook being such prominent parts of everyday life, you can rest assured that having a media wall at your function, will continue to deliver brand marketing for you, long after the big day, and to potential clients you never even had attending, through shares and posts across social media.

Admit it - even if you are not a "Selfie King", you can picture the myriads who are in attendance, queuing up in front of your branded media wall to take their pics with their friends, so they can post about their attendance at your event, to their 10,000 other "besties" on line. And every one of these "besties" will see your branding.

And the best bit - we have developed a solution that is durable, washable, and super quick to assemble - 10 minutes for one person to put together - and fits in a bag that is little bigger then the bag for a standard retractable banner. But this baby gives you 3 metres of width and 2.4 metres of height to "brand' with! {Also comes in 2.4 x 2.4m}

So how much for this great solution that solves my branding presence problems you ask? Check out our pricing by completing the form on this page. Rest assured though, we still offer traditional corflute and armaboard sheet media walls as well, however these are an excellent portable and high impact option.