Floor Decals in Melbourne

Drive sales towards your Melbourne business by surprising your customers with print advertising where they least expect it: the floor.

If you are looking to drive sales towards your Melbourne business, nothing beats taking customers by surprise with print advertising where they least expect it: the floor.

While print materials are either hung from the ceiling or placed at eye level in most Melbourne stores, floor space is often overlooked by brands and retailers.

However, floor decals are proven to be one of the most affordable, attention-grabbing and effective advertising solutions these days. They can be used to guide customers to your doorstep or promote your latest product or service.

You can even add your floor decals to your social media marketing mix by printing branded hashtags on them.

Do you want to put the incredible amount of free advertising space that’s right under your nose to work with custom floor decals in Melbourne?

We have got you covered. We can create durable, anti-slip die-cut floor decals that can stick to virtually any (smooth) surface, from concrete to hardwood, tiles and even low pile carpet.

Our most popular floor decals are R10 or R12 rated, ideal for all indoor usage and some outdoor applications. For waterproof lamination options, just get in touch for a quote!