Floor Decals in Adelaide

For promoting your Adelaide business, floor decals are one of the most affordable and effective advertising solutions you can turn to.

With your customers’ heads buried in their smartphones, what better way to grab their attention than to place an ad on the floor?

With eye-catching and ultra-tough floor decals in Adelaide, you can display your marketing message in a way that both instils brand confidence and asserts market dominance.

Promoting your Adelaide business? Advertising an upcoming sale? Directing people to follow a prescribed route? Whatever your end objective, floor decals are one of the most affordable, attention-grabbing and effective advertising solutions you can turn to.

If you are interested in getting some striking floor decals for your Adelaide business, contact us.

At Rogue, we can create durable, anti-slip die-cut floor decals in your choice of size, colours, fonts and images, with the only limit being the size of your floor. As long as the surface is smooth, our decals can be easily applied to any floor surface — whether it be concrete, hardwood or even carpet.

So what are you waiting for?

Let Rogue’s in-house digital printing services translate your creative vision onto your floor and give your marketing an instant bump. There is no limit — except your square footage — to what you can accomplish with our floor decals.

Our most popular floor decals are R10 or R12 rated, ideal for all indoor usage and some outdoor applications. For waterproof lamination options, just get in touch for a quote!