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How many times have you received a brochure or flyer and thought to yourself – “what are they trying to advertise here?”  Or “Jeez these are poor quality – I wonder how shoddy the products this company sells are?”


Don’t fall into the same trap!


Your brochures and flyers, along with your business cards, are often the first impression that your company gets to make on potential clients.  If you are handing out or distributing something that is average, then rest assured, this reflects on your overall company image in the eyes of the recipient.


As an example, we are in the business of high quality colour printing.  If we were to send out black and white A4 flyers advertising our services, what do you think would be the first impression of the recipient?  Probably something like “Wow, that’s cheap and nasty” or “if colour printing isn’t good enough for the actual print company to use, then why should we bother”….  It would definitely cost us leads and sales opportunities, rather than generate them.


The same applies if you are trying to sell a beautiful property, your legal or accounting services, or even wanting someone to engage your lawn mowing and garden maintenance business.


So what goes in to making a great brochure or flyer?


We make it really simple for you with the following tips:

  • Strong Design incorporating your company colours, logos and images – straying from your company brand image is a dangerous game to play and can ultimately confuse potential clients. Just as bad is trying to incorporate too much information onto one marketing piece, causing it to look cluttered and immediately lose the interest of the reader.
  • Colour printing – bright and vibrant – Colour is eye catching and ensures the strongest chance of capturing the attention of the receiver
  • Quality stocks – there is no point printing a quality item on standard printer paper – you might as well go back to the black and white printing we talked about earlier
  • High quality finishing options – scoring so that the item doesn’t crack along the fold, folding that is straight and even, straight cutting using a high quality and sharp guillotine
  • All of the above produced with quick turn around and at great prices


At Rogue Print, Mail and Marketing, we can assist you with simply printing your already completed designs, or we can work with you on an end to end solution, including developing a design for a particular brochure, or even your brand standards guide.


When it comes to printing your flyers and brochures, we print in any size from A7 through to A1.  We can fold, score, perforate, die cut, and basically come up with any finished brochure or flyer product that you can imagine.


And we can print any quantity – from 1 to 1 million copies of anything you require.


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