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When you have a multi-page document, like a pamphlet or a marketing submission, that you need printed for your business, it can be challenging to come up with a presentation option that looks professional for your clients. Most people automatically think that binding is the best way to go. But those typical coil, wire or spiral bindings can make that document you worked so hard on look like a sales presentation straight out of the 90s - not exactly the professional look you were going for.


But there IS another option. Saddle stitching is when we take the flat sheets of your document, staple them along the middle, then fold the paper in half and turn those staples into a spine. It looks neat, professional and is an excellent alternative to traditional binding.


But a lot of printers will charge you more for saddle stitched booklets than for traditionally binded ones AND they’re turnaround times are so slow, you might as well tackle the project yourself.


But we’re different. At Rogue Print and mail, we offer the highest quality saddle stitched booklets at a fraction of the price that you’ll get quoted at most printers. We print with high quality colour, offer professional extras like Square edged spines and back trimming for full bleed documents AND have the fastest turnaround time in the print industry.



We can print any booklet, presentation or magazine up to 80 pages in quantities ranging from 1 all the way up to 100,000.



Our finished sizes are A6, A5, A5, DL, 210 x 210mm and A4 landscape. But we have many more shapes and sizes available, so if you have a special request for a custom order, we can accommodate you.


Email us at OR call us on 1300 65 85 00 to discuss your project requirements and get started



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