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Every business needs to have artwork completed at some stage during its life cycle.  Whether it is the logo for your new start up, the brochures for your latest marketing campaign, a brand standards guide that encompasses ALL your artwork standards and requirements, or a complete refresh of your brand and image.  It all requires excellent design work by a graphic designer who can add that touch of creative genius that many of us don?t necessarily have when it comes to artistic talent.


Unfortunately, there is a belief that the only way to have artwork completed cost effectively these days, is to send the brief off shore.  And that is where the problems begin.  Inefficiency of communication due to time differences.  Language barriers.  Or most commonly, a complete and utter lack of understanding of how to set artwork up for print.


All of these issues simply add to cost and the time to have your project completed.


The alternative ? contact us at Rogue Print, Mail and Marketing.


Our professional design team manage design projects of all sizes ? from a quick tweak of a business card layout, to the complete design of logos and company branding.  And everything we do is set up with an eye on the end game ? being able to print your items in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.


For example, did you know that setting up artwork with multiple PMS colours ensures that you will pay significantly more for ALL printed requirements?


Put quite simply, we will be able to assist you to have amazing designs, extremely cost effectively, that ensure you achieve top quality print outcomes.


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