Floor Decals in Canberra

Use custom floor decals to advertise - think of colourful floor decals as foot prints, leading right to your Canberra store!

Today, when your customers are overwhelmed with advertising graphic clutter, the solution to better client engagement and increased sales is right under your feet!

The floors of your Canberra store are perfect graphic advertising spaces where everyone is looking, so why not leverage these valuable spaces with your creative and compelling marketing messages?

Custom floor decals present opportunities to reach your customers in a fun and effective way.

You can use custom floor decals to advertise your product and service. You can use them as a directional tool — think of colourful floor decals shaped as foot prints, leading your consumers right to your Canberra store!

And of course, you can also use them as a decorative element. Floor graphics are extremely customisable, and what you can do with them is only limited by the square footage of the floor.

While your competition is trying to grab attention at eye level, you can rule the floor and creatively (and quite affordably) promote your Canberra business.

Transform your high-traffic floor area into attention-grabbing advertising spaces with top-quality custom floor decals from Rogue. We can create eye-catching and ultra-tough die-cut floor decals in any style, shape and size of your choosing to help you turn your floor space into a billboard.

Our custom floor decals can adhere well to any surface (as long as it is smooth) and come with the highest safety ratings that virtually guarantee against slips and falls.

Our most popular floor decals are R10 or R12 rated, ideal for all indoor usage and some outdoor applications. For waterproof lamination options, just get in touch for a quote!