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Every business still receives and sends mail ? you know ? that stuff that arrives in envelopes commonly referred to these days as ?snail mail? ? whether it be an invoice, or a product sample, or in the case of a printer like us, hard copy proofs or design concepts!


Everything that you send out, represents your brand or company image.  So if you are sending something to your clients or potential clients, you want it to present as well as it possibly can right?!


And if your item is going in the mail to your client along with the dozens of other pieces of mail that they receive each and every day, don?t you want your item to stand out?


Best way to do this is with envelopes that have your logo and artwork printed on them.  From full coverage, to a logo in the top corner ? your clients will more easily recognise that a piece of mail is from you, and be more inclined to open it.


If you are wanting to send out a mail piece that is going to sales leads or potential clients who don?t already know about you, then we would recommend sending your items out in an envelope that has your return address professionally printed in the top left corner of the envelope ? professionally presented envelopes that force the receiver to open to discover what is inside?. Is it a bill from a supplier or perhaps a parking fine?  They are forced to open the item to find out!


We have many tricks that can assist you with your envelope requirements.  And you will be amazed how cost effectively we can product your envelopes!


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