How to set up a saddle stitch book in InDesign

How A Print Ready Booklet Pdf Should Look

How to set up a saddle stitch book in InDesign Follow our Step by Step tutorial to learn how to correctly set up a saddle stitched booklet for print in Adobe Indesign.Saddle Stitch books are one of the most popular print products we produce. They can be used for annual reports, capability statements, magazines, school…

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Rogue Print Giving Back During 2022 Floods

Paul From Rogue Print Helping Out With Flood Recovery Efforts At Newstead Brewing Co Milton

Fighting back – one gurney at a time. Now the water is receding in SEQ and Northern Rivers NSW, we are seeing the damage done. Thousands of businesses, residents, friends, family and colleagues have been impacted – we don’t know anyone who knows someone who is not affected in these regions. However – we’re fighting…

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SEQ and Northern Rivers NSW Flood Assistance

Pelican Flood Waters Overlooking Ses Boats Seq And Northern Rivers Nsw Flood Assistance Rogue Print

If you are one of our clients and you have been flooded and lost your business cards, brochures and other print materials, please contact us directly and we will sort out some special pricing and extended trading terms to help you get the essential requirements that you need to be able to operate again.

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Customer Update: Speciality Stock Price Increases

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We have successfully secured pricing for common stocks – matt, glass, uncoated etc to maintain our low pricing. However – pandemic-related increases in ocean freight pricing have significantly impacted our paper suppliers – Five {5} price increases in one supplier alone in 2 years. We are left with little choice to pass on these costs – but only for speciality stocks (recycled, linen, textured etc).

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