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Have you ever received a brochure or flyer from a business and thought to yourself “Hmm… what exactly are they going for here?” or “These are just terrible. If the flyers are this awful, the products are probably just ten times as bad!”


Sounds familiar, right? Well, don’t let that become the reality for your business?

You only have one chance to make a first impression on your potential clients, and often times your brochures or flyers are that chance. And if your flyer or brochure is just average (or just plain terrible) the potential clients looking at that flyer or brochure are going to assume that your company is just average (or plain terrible).


Let’s use our business as in example. We’re in the business of high quality colour printing, and our flyers and brochures reflect that. But what if we sent out black and white flyers that weren’t printed very well? What would our customers think? Well, they’d think “This looks cheap” or “If they can’t print in high quality colour for themselves, why should I trust them to do it for me?” So instead of the flyer or brochure bringing in new business, it would actually chase business away.


The same principle applies for whatever you’re selling, whether it’s an amazing property or your company’s legal services. You want your brochure or flyer to speak to who you are as a company and make a solid first impression.


So what are some of the key elements of a great flyer or brochure?




You need a brochure or flyer that’s well designed, looks clean and simple and isn’t visually overwhelming; trying to fit too much information in one flyer or brochure is a recipe for disaster. You’ll also want to make sure that the design is on brand and incorporates any company logos, colours or images.




Your customers are probably bombarded with marketing materials every day; using bring and vibrant colours will catch their attention and help you stand out from the clutter.




If you’re planning to print on standard printer paper, don’t even bother. Using quality stock is the only way to go when it comes to creating a great flyer or brochure.



Finishing options will really spruce up your brochure or flyer. Examples of high quality finishing options include scoring, straight cutting and even folding.




Because you need your brochures and flyers quickly and affordably.


At Rogue Print, Mail and Marketing, we’re here to assist you with all of your high colour printing needs. Whether you have a predesigned brochure or flyer you need printed or you need help in the design and branding process, we’ll get your high quality brochures printed quickly and affordably, in any quantity from 1 all the way through a million.



We can print in any size from A7 through A1 and offer additional detailing like folding, scoring, perforating and die cut. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen.



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