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There’s nothing worse than looking at a flyer or brochure and thinking “What the heck are they advertising?” or “Yikes.. If the quality of the FLYER is this bad, I can only imagine how terrible their actual products are. No thank you!”


Do NOT let this happen to your company!


Right on par with your business cards, your flyers and brochures are often times the first impression that you and your company make on prospective clients. If the brochures and flyers that you’re handing out aren’t impressive, than your prospective clients won’t think your company is very impressive either.


Let’s look at Rogue as an example. Our business is high quality colour printing, and our flyers and brochures are a reflection of that. But if we sent out black and white A4 flyers that were terrible quality, what do you think our clients would think? It definitely wouldn’t be good. It would be something along the lines of “If their colour printing services aren’t good enough to use themselves, why would I pay to use them?” So that brochure and flyer campaign would be a complete waste, costing us business opportunities rather than creating them.

This rings true whether you’re trying to sell a gorgeous property, your bookkeeping services or trying to get new clients for your lawn maintenance business. You need to start off on the right foot with a great flyer.

So what are the elements of a great flyer or brochure?




You’re going to want your brochure to be well designed and on brand. Utilize your company logo and colour scheme, and include images that speak to who you are as a brand. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to design, less is more: trying to fit too much onto your brochure or flyer will make it feel cluttered and overwhelming to your customers.




Print in vibrant, bright, high quality colour. It’s eye catching and will immediately capture the attention of your potential clients.




Printing on standard printer paper is a complete waste of time. Use a quality stock for a professional brochure or flyer.




Finishing options, like scoring so that the item won’t crack along the fold, even folds and straight cutting using a high quality guillotine, make a huge difference in the final product.



No description necessary.


Here are Rogue Print, Mail and Marketing, we can assist you with the entire flyer and brochure process, from design to branding to print. We offer size options from A7 through A1, quantities from 1 to 1 million, and scoring, perforating, die cutting, folding and just about everything else under the sun to deliver the best brochure or flyer you could imagine.



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